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Founded in 1991, located at the first town of aluminum section materials of China, Taiping Industrial Park in Dali Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Foshan Nanhai Hengwei Mold Co., Ltd. is a professional aluminum alloy extrusion tooling and mold enterprise in fields of R& D, design, manufacturing and sales, and is one of the earliest professional aluminum extrusion mold enterprises in China. The Company’s plant area is planned completely, laid out properly, with all supporting equipment and complete functions. It has advanced R& D and Testing Center, spacious office building and several modern workshops. The Company is composed of living area, culture and sports site, forestation belt, landscaping belt, and is a typical green workshop. The workshops are configured with digital-display numerical-control electric spark forming machine, precise slow wire-moving wire-electrode cutting, CNC processing center and other advanced modern mold processing equipment, which are able to design and manufacture extrusion mold and special extrusion mold (extrusion cylinder, extrusion shaft, extrusion rod etc.) with sizes in the range of φ60-φ1000mm, with monthly production capacity of 6000 sets of extrusion molds, 30 tons of extrusion tools and 1800 tons of aluminum section materials. Design to processing of the extrusion molds is based on CAD / CAM / MSTCAM / CAXA / SW and CAE is available. The Company adopts computer network to transmit information, which receives graphs, information and data transmitted by domestic and overseas customers, designs and produces molds as required quickly, and delivers mold to customers timely. The Company always adheres to the quality guideline of “realistic approach, management reinforcement, and excellence pursuing”.

Throughout twenty-four years’ efforts and striving, Hengwei Mold has thrived and established Shenyan Mold Branch Plant and Yingkou Mold Branch Plant in Northeast China, and Foshan Nanhai Xingjinran Metallic Products Co., Ltd. in Nanhai, with more than 400 employees, over 30% of whom are engineering technicians, and it has industrial mold engineers, mold production engineers and technicians. The Company establishes production, university and research relations with famous universities and research institutions in China, and employs a batch of national famous aluminum alloy extrusion experts, and tools and molds experts to create conditions for the Company’s science& technology innovation and developing new products. High-quality staff is the basis for rapid development of the Company.

Hengwei Mold Company has extensive domestic and overseas markets. In the past 25 years, it has produced almost 1 million sets of molds, and owns more than 100 domestic and overseas customers, and sold molds to Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Russia, Greek and other overseas plants. The Company executes strict quality management and control systems and complete product testing means, and passes ISO9001: 2000 International Quality Standard System certification. The mold steel is procured from the designated suppliers to assure high-quality mold materials. Full-time quality inspectors are throughout the entire process of mold production to control each procedure. High-quality mold provides reliable quality assurance for aluminum extrusion enterprises.

We believe that, “customers’ satisfaction is the success of Hengwei Mold Company”. Hengwei Mold Company will strive harder than ever, adhere to the business philosophy of “quality first, and customers first”, cooperate with the aluminum alloy extrusion plants, and develop to advance progress of aluminum alloy extrusion technology in China.